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Board Performance

Together at the Top for a bigger Bottom Line

In today’s uncertain world, only the highest standards of strategic management and governance are good enough. It is more than ever essential that the Top Teams that drive your businesses prepare for the challenge in a careful and systematic way.

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd, staffed by experienced Board Chairs, CEOs and non-executive directors, helps senior executives to effectively work together for the benefit of the business bottom line.

Top Team Review

Your senior team includes some excellent individuals, but do they work as a team together?  Busy Top People have little time to sit down and talk with each other. Critical business decisions are often reached in an atmosphere of uncertainty, egocentric politics and mutual mistrust.

Yet, most top executives want to work well as a team… but they need a little extra help to ‘create the mood’. That’s where I.J. Martin & Co’s experienced coaches come in.

  • Using our own confidential one-to-one interview process, focused on collective Top Team Performance, we gain deep insights into how the team interacts and how it can work better together.
  • Then, as neutral ‘referees’, we get the team round the table to thrash out the issues.
  • Honest debate, with our firm guidance, soon arrives at a Prioritised Action Plan, collectively owned by every member of your team.
  • Regular coaching interventions and check-ups ensure that your Top Team quickly reaches and sustains Collective Excellence, for superior business results.

Top Team Development

Our Top Team Development services include:

  • Conflict mediation between Top Team individuals
  • Individual ‘preparation for challenge’ coaching for newly (or about to be) appointed Board Chairs, Chief Executives and other Top Team members
  • Reflective mentoring for Chairs, CEOs and directors who want a confidential discussion partner to debate early strategic thinking, board management issues and interpersonal problems in a secure environment
  • Tripartite mentoring involving the Chair, CEO and an I.J. Martin & Co Coach/Mentor working together for effective harmonisation of the Boardroom culture

Our services

Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • 1-1 Leadership Development
  • Leading at Board level
  • Career Transition Partnering
Leadership Feedback
  • Face-face 450° Interviews
  • ‘No-Jargon’ Direct Feedback
  • Prioritised Action Plans
Top Team & Board Performance
  • Reviewing the Team
  • Facilitating Action
  • Moving on Together

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