Doing Business in Switzerland webinar with Iain Martin February 2019

Drawing on his 24 years of doing business in Switzerland, Iain Martin contributed valuable local advice to Scottish businesses in a pre-mission webinar organised by Scottish Development International (SDI). Iain’s guidance helped delegates to a planned June trade mission, understand the cultural and linguistic aspects of doing business in multicultural Switzerland. Scotland and Switzerland – a winning combination!

Listen to the webinar “Doing Business in Switzerland”

Iain Martin’s Global Leadership Masterclass oversubscribed! February 2019

In February 2019, GlobalScot business ambassador Iain Martin led a masterclass in Glasgow UK on the role of vision in global leadership. Scottish Development International (SDI), the international trade & development organ of the Scottish government, reported that the event was quickly oversubscribed. They said that Iain’s insights, based on his personal experiences of leading business in Europe and Asia, proved particularly relevant to companies with scaling ambitions.

Dow’s 2018 Future Leaders conference features Iain Martin as keynote speaker October 2018

In its annual Future Leaders conference 2018 in the Netherlands, Dow Chemicals invited Iain Martin as keynote speaker on Global Leadership Mindset. He highlighted the special demands of leading multi-cultural businesses and explained the unifying role of a clear business vision in successful global leadership.

10 Ways for Boards to Tackle Risk in 2018

February 2018 – The impact of shifting economic markets presents boards with tough governance and strategic challenges, according to Susan C. Keating, CEO of the influential WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) Foundation. In its widely-published joint EMEA/Asia Institutes Briefing, WCD highlights 10 Ways for Boards to Tackle Risks in 2018.

Marlene Uetz’s contribution focuses on shareholder activism and outlines a four-point Stakeholder Engagement Plan to mitigate the risks some of these challenges present.

Download PDF '10 Ways for Boards to Tackle Risk in 2018'

Marlene Uetz adds ‘Visionary Leadership’ Dimension to International Activist Investor Debate October 2017

Marlene Uetz brought a ‘visionary leadership’ dimension to a panel of governance experts at the WomenCorporateDirectors 2017 EMEA Institute in Madrid on 24-25 October 2017.

The highly-topical WCD conference theme was Leadership Principles for Boards: Rebuilding Trust in Business and Institutions and her panel focused on Strategic Investor Management: Comparative Approaches Across EMEA.

Marlene Uetz and the other panellists explored pro-active investor management strategies against the backdrop of cross-border governance structures. They shared their views and debated with female directors from around the world on how to balance the projection of a purpose-led long term vision to investors whilst achieving shorter term financial performance.

Discussing these hot issues alongside her were fellow panellists Jen Braswell (UK), Director of Corporate Strategy, CDC Group plc and Marina Brogi (Italy), Director, Luxottica Group and Salini Impreglio; Full Professor of International Banking and Capital Markets, Sapienza University. The Moderator was José Luis Blasco Vazquez (Spain), Partner, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Global Head for Sustainability Services, KPMG.

The event earned a mention in “L’Economia del Corriere della Sera”, 23 Oct. 2017. See WCD a Madrid.

Download PDF “L’Economia del Corriere della Sera”, 23 Oct. 2017

Iain Martin highlights investment opportunities in Scotland (in German) May 2017

Swiss Export Journal invited GlobalScot business ambassador Iain Martin to pen an article highlighting the attractions to Swiss companies of investing in Scottish technology businesses. Martin cited current Swiss investments in banking, lifesciences and software development as just some examples. In these and other shared sectors, Scotland offers Swiss corporations the benefits of its excellent educational systems and deep experience in advanced technologies.


Schottische Wissenschaft: Grundlage für Investitionen

Globalising Asia’s Leaders October 2016

We are proud to partner with the Singapore Government’s Asian Human Capital & Leadership Symposium on 12-13 October 2016 in Singapore. Yet again, we are part of Asia’s most important conversation on building global leaders.

Dictatorship is Dead – Partnering in Global Leadership

The British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce has published an article by Marlene Uetz in its new annual Member’s Magazine 2016/2017. The Chamber’s theme is ‘The Power of Partnership’.

The article highlights the power of collaboration in and between global corporations and describes how it leads to sustainable business success for everyone.

Dictatorship is Dead - Partnering in Global Leadership

A Rare Interview with a Kingmaker

Early in 2016, a prestigious flight and travel magazine approached a small number of selected coaching firms in Switzerland for a special feature on Switzerland’s Top Coaches. The magazine is widely distributed on Business Class European flights and in five-star hotels, airport business lounges and embassies. The editors interviewed Iain Martin and Marlene Uetz about our firm’s unique service proposition and Iain’s book ‘Looking Down on Leaders’.

A Rare Interview with a Kingmaker (Iain Martin and Marlene Uetz)

Learning by laughing (Iain J. Martin)

‘The Three Keys to Real Leadership’ by Iain Martin in HQ Asia’s leadership magazine

The Human Capital Leadership Institute, Singapore’s vehicle for developing world-class leadership, has just published ‘The Three Keys to Real Leadership’ by Iain Martin. The article, in HQ Asia Online’s Business Leadership Insights column, draws on the core themes of ‘Looking Down on Leaders’. HQ Asia is circulated quarterly to thousands of readers around the world.


Governance with Global Vision – Marlene Uetz joins unique Directorship organisation

November 2014 – Marlene Uetz has been accepted into membership of the prestigious WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) organisation, via its Singapore Chapter. WCD is the only global membership organisation and community of women corporate directors.

In this new era of responsibility, WCD is committed to not just good governance, but to governance with global vision. With her extensive international experience, Marlene is well placed to further the cause of global governance.

Finalist, Book of the Year Award

‘Looking Down on Leaders’ is honoured as a finalist in Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Awards (Business and Economics genre).  From a list of several thousand books, each with Five Star reviews, only 11 were selected for the Indiefab short list.

Iain Martin presented ‘Looking Down on Leaders’ at the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

‘Learning by Laughing’ is catching on ! Iain Martin gave a “wonderfully entertaining” account – his hosts’s words – of his popular book ‘Looking Down on Leaders’ at a British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce evening on 23 Oct in Zurich. He described its key leadership themes – Vision, Influence and Communications, in a narrative interspersed with hilarious tales of leadership gone wrong, together with experienced guidance  on ‘how to do it right’.

Photo Gallery

Influential book reviewer showcases Looking Down on Leaders in ‘Authors doing it their way’

Barry Silverstein, the well-known author and professional book reviewer, comments on Looking Down on Leaders in ‘Business authors did it their way’.

Looking Down on Leaders was one of only two books selected by Silverstein for comment in his latest widely-published blog on works by independent business writers.

Read the Blog

Our commitment to Asian Leadership & Governance Excellence

In support of our long-term commitment to excellence in Asian business leadership, we have joined the prestigious Singapore Institute of Directors as a Corporate Member. Marlene Uetz, MD of our Asian company, recently completed the SID multi-modular ‘Listed Company Director’ programme focused on Governance and Board Best Practice.


Iain Martin addressed alumni of the world’s top business schools on what makes a real leader

On June 17th 2014 in Zurich, Iain Martin revealed the secrets of his new book ‘Looking Down on Leaders – a bird’s eye view of business and bosses’. He gave a persuasive account of what makes a real leader: Vision, Influence and Communications. The event was organised by London Business School Alumni and SAMBAplus, the elite organisation of Swiss-based alumni of top business schools.


NEW !!! Iain Martin’s book is now on Amazon !

The book is out ! It’s already attracting  many favourable reviews. Here are two extracts from leading independent professional reviewers:

Looking Down On Leaders is the type of book that can be enjoyed in one sitting or in segments, a delicious little bite at a time. However one decides to devour it, this amusing guide to leadership elicits laugh-out-loud moments while imparting a true sense of what it takes to be a great leader.” (Foreword Clarion Reviews)

“An entertaining romp through corporate life that covers pithy truths in a sugar coating of funny, memorable anecdotes.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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See the full independent review on Foreword Clarion

See the full independent review on Kirkus

Unsung heroes or corporate policemen?

Iain Martin reviews the pivotal role played by territorial heads in large corporations.

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September 2013

Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute commissioned Iain Martin to write the prestigious closing article for the the latest issue of its leadership magazine HQ Asia. Read about the role of humour in the leadership toolbox.

'Laughing out loud for Leadership' by Iain Martin

August 2013

The ‘command and control’ management model is declining fast. Two dimensional matrices are inadequate to portray complex global businesses. Today’s leaders influence from inside organisational cubes.

Read Iain Martin’s article Bigger Bombs and leadership in the global ‘hollow cube’ featured at Singapore’s Human Capital Summit.


July 2013

Knee-deep in mud and in a torrential downpour, Iain Martin and Marlene Uetz witnessed an impressive display of military leadership, as guests of Korpskommandant Blattmann of the Swiss Army. Surrounded by 64-tonne armoured bulldozers and camouflage-painted part-time warriors, KKdt Blattmann and his senior officers outlined how military training protects Switzerland’s economic future and provides business with experienced leaders. Here’s what Iain Martin had to say afterwards in Schweizer Soldat magazine.

Schweizer Soldat Juli/August 2013 (in German)

July 2013

I.J. Martin & Co is proud to be a Corporate Partner of the Singapore Human Capital Summit on 11-12 September 2013 at Resorts World Sentosa. This is Asia’s premier annual human capital and leadership conference. It brings together leading global thinkers to provide strategic perspectives and unparalleled insights into the latest human capital and leadership management practices.

May 2013

John Tracey, in his role as Board Member of Geneva Airport, celebrates the inauguration in Beijing of Air China’s Geneva-Beijing line. The opening of this direct line is the result of discussions carried on for several years between Geneva airport authorities and representatives of Air China.

Photo: John Tracey (left) and Carlo Lamprecht, former President of Geneva

April 2013

Dorotea Brandin launches her latest book in The Arts House at The Old Parliament in Singapore: ‘Heart to Heart(s) Communication @ Work’. Another great book, with a philosophical twist, from our executive communication coach.

September 2012

Iain Martin exchanged views on military and business leadership with General Stanley A. McChrystal, former Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan.

August 2012

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd launches its new ELITE Programme for Singapore businesses with ambitions to ‘go beyond borders’. Designed to support Singapore’s excellent Productivity and Innovation Credit initiative, ELITE allows Singapore corporations of all sizes to benefit from ‘Gold Standard’ development support at affordable investment cost, thanks to the PIC tax offset allowances. For details, see

June 2012

Another I.J. Martin & Co client honoured for world class leadership! Gary Steel, Head of HR and member of ABB Group’s Executive Committee, has received a lifetime award from the University of Michigan. This recognises Gary’s work to embed Human Resources in the Group’s business strategy. “Gary sees talent and leadership through the eyes of a Global Business Leader” says Prof. Noel Tichy of Ross School of Business at Michigan.

As Executive Coaches for Global Business Leaders, I.J. Martin & Co has been mandated by ABB to support many of the Group’s most successful executives. Congratulations on this award, Gary – well deserved!

April 2012

An I.J. Martin & Co client is now World Bank President! Our fingers were crossed when President Obama nominated Jim Yong Kim to be the next President of the World Bank. On 17th April, he was officially elected. Jim first became our client when he was Director of the HIV/Aids Division in the World Health Organisation in Geneva. Despite restricted funding and limited leadership resources, Jim’s ‘3 x 5’ Campaign to offer antiretroviral drug treatment to 3 million more infected people around the world was a huge success. Congratulations and best wishes in your new role, Jim!

Video: Obama nominates Jim Kim as World Bank President

March 2012

Welcome to I.J. Martin & Co Ltd’s new Website, created by Vincent Ghilione of Polychrome Sarl 

January 2012

After 9 years on the Zurich Chapter Committee of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, of which 3 years as Chairman, Marlene Uetz makes her farewell speech in the presence of HM Ambassador Sarah Gillett and BSCC President Alexis Lautenberg.

End-of-term Report

December 2011

Marlene Uetz ended her 3 year term as Chairman of the Zurich Chapter of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce with star guest Joe Hogan, CEO of ABB Group. His subject: ‘The next big thing: electricity 2.0:  How electricity is changing our daily life’

November 2011

Iain Martin joins a BSCC expert panel in Zurich on ‘Leading into the Unknown – Navigating your business through uncharted waters’. Fellow panellists are Ulrich Spiesshofer, Member of the ABB’s Group Executive Committee, Howard Lovell, CEO Deloitte Switzerland and Peter van Niekerk Member of the Executive Management Board, gategroup. The panel was moderated by Dr. Kai-Uwe Schanz, Principal Partner, Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company AG.

October 2011

Marlene Uetz hosts the BSCC Annual Finance Lunch with guest speaker Angela Knight, Chief Executive of the British Bankers’ Association.

September 2011

Iain Martin, shown here with David White of the I.J. Martin & Co Asia Team, addresses the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore on ‘HR as Strategic Partner to the CEO’.

July 2011

Iain Martin and Marlene Uetz address the National Foreign Trade Council’s Senior HR Conference in New York on ‘Leading into the next Bubble – HR as Strategic Partner to the CEO’.

June 2011

Ian Kleinman is awarded the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant’s Silver Medal during its AGM in London. Ian is honoured for his distinguished services to the Institute in the field of financial management education.

May 2011

Iain Martin and Marlene Uetz address the Gulf Coast Symposium hosted by HR Houston, Texas on ‘Leading into the next Bubble – Déjà vu all over again?’.

March 2011

Marlene Uetz hosts a BSCC Lunch with guest speaker Barbara Kux. Mrs. Kux is Member of the Managing Board of the Siemens Group. She is also Head of Supply Chain Management and Chief Sustainability Officer. She gave a spellbinding presentation on “Sustainability -Doing More with Less”.

Download Bilanz article

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January 2011

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd opens its Asian Sister Company in Swinging Singapore!

Establishing our first Asian office was a ‘no brainer’ – it just had to be Singapore, with its 16% growth rate in Y2010 and its ambitious plans for the future!

When the Singapore Government learned about our unique ‘experience-based’ approach in executive coaching, it actively encouraged us to bring it to Singapore’s fast-growing businesses. Our local presence in Asia is also useful to our big clients in Europe and USA who want to have the same quality and approach as we provide to them elsewhere. Our new Asia Office in the Central Business District is in the same building as the UBS and Credit Suisse regional offices and just minutes from other Swiss companies like Julius Baer, Syngenta and ABB.

Photo: I.J Martin’s View from the Top

“Swiss Sister Supports Singapore's Success!”. Click to read an interview about this important initiative

September 2010

Marlene Uetz hosts a BSCC Lunch with guest speaker Oswald Grübel, CEO of UBS Group. A fascinating speaker on the subject of “Switzerland and UK and their financial market place: Common challenges”.

June 2010

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd moves into bigger offices in Zurich’s charming and trendy old town.
Mühlegasse 13 is a warm and welcoming downtown venue for discrete discussions with senior business leaders.

View "Mühlegasse 13, 8001 Zurich" on Google Map

May 2010

Iain Martin and Gary Steel, EC Member of ABB Group are the guest speakers at Strathclyde’s MBA Association of Switzerland. They addressed a lively audience on “Leadership Abroad – an insider’s guide to leading business across borders”.
A practical interactive session to help top management, and those with ambitions to get there, guide their business leaders abroad.

May 2010

Iain Martin and Paul Tennet speak at the prestigious Gulf Coast Symposium in Houston Texas on “Leadership abroad – an insiders’ guide to leading business across borders”

April 2010

Iain Martin speaks at the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce’s highly successful panel discussion “Riding the Economic Rollercoaster – How to Win in the Upturn”. Fellow panellists were Inga Beale of Zurich Financial Services, Deloitte’s Mark Ward and Ulrich Spiesshofer of ABB. The discussion was moderated by Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company AG.

December 2009

Cash, a leading online business publication in Switzerland, interviews our MD on how coaching helps CEOs survive and succeed in today’s business environment.

Watch the video

December 2009

Iain Martin hosts ‘Doing Business with Scotland’ – the inaugural event of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce’s Project Scotlink.

Speakers include Ambassador Monika Ruehl of Seco, Anne MacColl of Scottish Development International and GlobalScots Gary Steel of ABB, Geoffrey Riddell of ZFS, John Ramsay of Syngenta and James Buchanan-Michaelson of RBS Coutts.

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August 2009

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd addresses the Inaugural Session of the Scottish Business Association in Singapore on Bilateral Trade Issues.

June 2009

Scottish business makes the Swiss Connection.

Read the article

May 2009

Iain Martin and Marlene Uetz speak at the prestigious Gulf Coast Symposium in Houston, Texas on ‘Leadership without Borders’.

April 2009

Forbes CEO Forum at Gleneagles, Scotland – I.J. Martin & Co Ltd exchanges views with some of the world’s most prominent business leaders.

April 2009

Iain Martin speaks at the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce’s popular Recession Buster Event.

Download Bilanz PDF article

January 2009

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd again sponsors broadcasts from the World Economic Forum in Davos on World Radio Switzerland.

January 2009

Marlene Uetz elected Chairman of the Zurich Chapter of The British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Photo: Marlene Uetz (middle) and her Zurich Chapter Committee

October 2008

Iain Martin, for the 3rd successive year, is President of the Jury of DuPont’s Safety & Performance Award Competition in the categories Performance Improvement, Innovative Approach, Felt Leadership, Business Impact, Cultural Evolution.

September 2008

BSCC Interview with Iain Martin & Marlene Uetz.

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July 2008

Iain Martin addresses Syngenta’s APAC Regional Leadership Team on ‘World-class Compliance Standards’.

June 2008

Ian Kleinman is elected Chairman of the Life Long Learning Policy Committee and Executive Committee member of CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has been a CIMA Council Member for the past 9 years.

May 2007

In the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List, Monty Style is awarded the title ‘Officer of the Order of the British Empire’ (OBE) for services to British business interests in Switzerland. Prince Charles bestows the honour at Buckingham Palace.

April 2007

Iain Martin presents at the European Foundation for Management Development in Brussels.

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September 2006

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd, together with Jaguar, sponsors the BSCC’s luncheon with distinguished speaker Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA.

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January-June 2006

The TNF/I.J. Martin & Co Vocational Training Centre in Tamil Nadu Province, in collaboration with Geneva-based Friends of India, is now in full swing. The Centre is giving hundreds of underprivileged Indian women new skills and the chance of a brighter future.

‘Friends of India’ Newsletter, June 2006

TNF eNews June 2006