Overview of the company


I.J. Martin & Co Ltd is one of the oldest-established executive coaching firms anywhere… we’ve been around since 1998. Our coaches… all former business leaders… have each steered international corporations through at least eight ‘Boom & Bust’ cycles. We invented the term ‘experience-based’ coaching… centuries of real-life international management experience underpin the I.J. Martin & Co coaching approach.

Personalised & practical

The I.J. Martin & Co Global Coaching Boutique devises individually-designed programmes for each client. Our highly personalised approach sets the Global Quality Standard for top-level coaching and mentoring. We’re light on theory and heavy on real-life issues… our coaching brings long-term learning and immediate payback.

Blue-Chip focused

I.J. Martin & Co Ltd only works with senior business leaders and high potentials… the ‘strategic layer’ of global organisations. Typically, our clients are Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations, ambitious mid-sized enterprises and large private-equity owned businesses.

Performance driven

Growing your bottom line is our ultimate goal. We’re business partners and not psychotherapists… a ‘blue suits’ as opposed to ‘white coats’ approach.


Our coaches in Europe, North America and Asia support executives around the world.