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“Nothing succeeds like success” is an old saying… and nothing excites our I.J. Martin & Co coaches more than the successes of our clients. Many of our client companies have built relationships with us since our foundation in 1998. Here are just some of the compliments that our team has been offered in recent years:

Thanks for again being a great coach in this complex business situation. Your own business background was very useful.

Global business leader with $8 billion revenues, Manufacturing Sector

Your guidance is – as always – very much appreciated. Thank you again for challenging me so perfectly this week. You really got me to get very clear on my decision and my next steps.

Senior banker in a major Swiss firm

I had a good introduction to the coaching approach with my coach and thought the discussion of life and professional targets was an interesting thing.

Regional President in financial services, Asia

I am a big proponent of your services and I am glad the corporation is taking you up on it. We need you! Your own background was really helpful in discussing our business issues.

Group Chief Legal Counsel in a $5 billion transport services industry

Gentlemen, thank you both so much for your support, advice, candour and company in the current phase of my Asian Adventure.

Regional President of a $2 billion services industry in Asia

I am really very pleased with the progress that X is demonstrating. He has opened up considerably and I am sure we will get to the desired outcome.

Division Head, $40 billon global industrial business

I want to thank you once again for your input. It was clear to me that your quietly assured manner and real-life leadership experience underline your coaching credentials. I have had some very positive feedback.

VP in an international technology industry

Thanks for your support to our team’s work. Your coach’s business experience was very useful for X in preparing for her new role. The 360 degree review and the development of her personal work plan provided new insights for her. She is very pleased with the experience and so am I.

Director in a UN organization

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I also spoke with X in New York. She feels you are changing her life.

Group EVP in a $10 billion services industry

My sincere thanks to you for your valuable insights, suggestions and counsel.  I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Regional President in Europe

This has definitely been a challenging journey for me and at every step I have reminded myself of the advice and guidance received from you. I have personally found the coaching very rewarding. It has helped me transform myself in the US role and prepared me for more diverse and bigger challenges.

VP HR North America in a global Swiss company

Thanks for your support! I am happy, healthy and growing everyday with the challenges of running a US$ 12 billion global business portfolio.

Head of major business division in a global manufacturing company

Many people have recognized that X has bought into your tough feedback. His style and openness have improved significantly. He is keen to listen to input from others and more actively seeks open discussions. His past “enemies” now say that they can see improvement and the commitment to change.

Head of HR in a US industrial company

I would recommend you any time as a discussion partner and coach.

Senior executive in a $60 billion global group

I am very happy with the coaching I received from X. He gave me a number of insights that made me more effective as a leader.

VP Global Sourcing, automotive industry

Just to say it was a pleasure meeting you this morning.  I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to you, and it was both useful and thought-provoking – if I’m honest, more than I’d expected.

New client, introductory meeting

X helped me a lot when I was in the (UN org). He is highly professional and a true gentleman. I think he is the best person to help you to sort out the tricky situation you have to manage in your chairman’s capacity.

Director (retired) in a UN organisation

Your analysis gave a good picture from day one. The continuous intensive reflection on my public image was/is/will be extremely valuable and generated a lot of thoughts how to manage the environment more effectively. And your fantastic initial “diagnosis” and improvement guidance made it possible. However I value even more the interactions with you from the other perspective – to reflect on the specific organizational and people development issues from the different, outside angle; to get your view whether the “people factor” is fully considered while resolving specific problems or pursuing the high impact business strategies.

Head of a $2.5 billion technical project business, at the end of the programme

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