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Turbulent geopolitics, regional conflicts, economic decline, social unrest, ever-more demanding Boards, growing and polarised stakeholder activism, increasing cyber risks, the war for talent, the threats and opportunities of AI and disruption to supply chains.

More than ever, business leaders need the guidance of globally experienced advisors to help them navigate the political, economic, social, technological and legislative maze of today’s multipolar world.

1-1 Executive Coaching and Mentoring

  • Achieve sustainable business success
  • Get ready for the C-Suite and the CEO Hot Seat
  • Win fast-track business experience

Leadership Assessment and 360° Feedback

  • Secure the right leaders in the right jobs
  • Create in-depth succession plans
  • Identify leadership skills & gaps

Top Team and 
Board Performance

  • Build high-performing  teams
  • Develop a powerful vision & strategy
  • Align top teams & resolve conflicts

Who trusts us?

The strategic layer in global corporations, large family and private-equity owned businesses and ambitious mid-sized enterprises. Typically, Boards, CEOs, C-Suite and Executive Board Members, Regional Presidents, Business Unit Heads, other Senior Leaders, High Potentials and Top Teams.

Here are some examples: 

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Why choose us?

25 Years of Experience

Since 1998, we have created Winners in Business. We’ve helped leaders globalise and grow to the C-Suite and beyond.

The Global Quality Standard

Clients say we are the Global Quality Standard for Customised Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership advice.

A Passion, not a Fashion

Coaching is our passion, not a fashion. Our heart and soul are devoted to your cause.

No Conflict of Interest

Coaching, not poaching, your top people, mentoring and advising them is all we do. Your success has our undivided attention.

We Think Global

We are a global team with global business experience and mindset and a holistic way of thinking and acting.

Fast and Flexible

Our boutique response to your needs is agile and immediate.


Growing your bottom line, sustainably, is our goal. We are your business partners and not psychotherapists.

Personalised and Practical

We concentrate on real-life issues in your business life. You gain learning for the long-term and immediate payback.


You hear only what you need to, with our clear, direct language and no-jargon policy.

“Nothing succeeds like success”

That’s an old saying but nothing excites our I.J. Martin & Co coaches more than our clients’ successes. Here are extracts of what some of our satisfied clients since 1998 have told us: 

I.J. Martin and Co Ltd has coached more than 20 of our senior executives. In every case the outcomes have been positive both for the individual and for the group.

The essence and value of this coaching lies in the breadth and depth of ‘real world’ experience of the IJM coaches, the directness and thoroughness of their coaching approach and the strong bond of trust that is built up between the coach and the individual.

Executive Vice President and Group Head of Human Resources in a global manufacturing company

The coaching experience was very positive in different aspects, great attention and genuine interest, penetrating questions about what was going well and what should be improved.

Effective 360° analysis from many stakeholders providing a useful diagnostic, focus on developing strengths as well as improving weakness and finding blinding spots, clear and practical guidance for the business and for private life.

Latam Regional President in a large technology corporation

I had the pleasure of getting IJM’s facilitation help in improving the way my executive team was functioning.

The coach teased out a set of agenda points that got the right issues on the table and facilitated the meeting with a soft and sensitive hand. He knows what kinds of outcomes are possible, and how to get to them in subtle ways.

He helped us establish a significantly changed team dynamic and a harmonious and highly productive group.

President EMEA in a fast-growing global services group

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Become the best you can be, with our globally experienced, business-hardened coaching team.

Iain Martin, Founder

“My thirty years of corporate life around the world were just preparation for my coaching today. Now I help global business leaders to become the best that they can be. My own corporate years, at times exciting, often demanding, usually challenging and always educational, now underpin my firm’s goal to grow the client’s Bottom Line through excellent leadership.”

Marlene Uetz, Founder

“My holistic view and deep insights into people, cultures and business were shaped by living, studying and working in Europe, Asia and the Americas and by working for European, US and Asian multinationals. I rounded off my experience by becoming an entrepreneur at a young age. Governance, Strategy and People lie at the heart of my work with global business leaders.”

Iain Martin’s book

Now on


4.7 out of 5 stars

The most entertaining book ever to be chargeable to business expenses! Real-life learning the light-hearted way, in a series of easy-read short stories from a global business leader.

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