Leadership Feedback

In the C-Suite, we’re called the Chief Honesty Officer

Over the years, we’ve developed our own special techniques for feedback interviewing. Computer-based multiple-choice questionnaires may be the only practical process for mass application, but don’t you think your key executives deserve something a bit more personal and precise?

In our feedback interviews, we personally interview the boss, peers and direct reports. For all public-facing executives such as Chairs, CEOs, CFOs and Investor Relations Directors we can also interview key stakeholders and the global financial community… a true 450° feedback process.

We summarise the feedback in a detailed report, written in the coach’s own words for confidentiality. Clear messages and constructive ideas for development are hallmarks of our service. This Feedback Process and Report adds value by itself as a tool for team building… and it’s the essential starting point for an I.J. Martin & Co Executive Coaching Programme.

What’s so different about our Leadership Feedback services?

  • Face-face interviewing… by experienced business executives
  • Dialogue not monologue… your people talk with our people and not to a computer screen
  • More than skin-deep… we ask deeply penetrating questions about executives and their leadership
  • Perception is reality… but we get beyond the superficial perceptions that determine careers
  • Changes the team dynamic… interviewees think deeper, understand better and commit to action themselves
  • Feedback in the coach’s own direct language… no coded messages or dodging the difficult issues
  • Prioritised Action Plans… as a platform for development coaching
  • High ROI… interim and final feedback updates measure the value we add to the bottom line

Our services

Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • 1-1 Leadership Development
  • Leading at Board level
  • Career Transition Partnering
Leadership Feedback
  • Face-face 450° Interviews
  • ‘No-Jargon’ Direct Feedback
  • Prioritised Action Plans
Top Team & Board Performance
  • Reviewing the Team
  • Facilitating Action
  • Moving on Together

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