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Marlene Uetz adds ‘Visionary Leadership’ Dimension to International Activist Investor Debate October 2017

Marlene Uetz brought a ‘visionary leadership’ dimension to a panel of governance experts at the WomenCorporateDirectors 2017 EMEA Institute in Madrid on 24-25 October 2017.

The highly-topical WCD conference theme was Leadership Principles for Boards: Rebuilding Trust in Business and Institutions and her panel focused on Strategic Investor Management: Comparative Approaches Across EMEA.

Marlene Uetz and the other panellists explored pro-active investor management strategies against the backdrop of cross-border governance structures. They shared their views and debated with female directors from around the world on how to balance the projection of a purpose-led long term vision to investors whilst achieving shorter term financial performance.

Discussing these hot issues alongside her were fellow panellists Jen Braswell (UK), Director of Corporate Strategy, CDC Group plc and Marina Brogi (Italy), Director, Luxottica Group and Salini Impreglio; Full Professor of International Banking and Capital Markets, Sapienza University. The Moderator was José Luis Blasco Vazquez (Spain), Partner, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Global Head for Sustainability Services, KPMG.

The event earned a mention in “L’Economia del Corriere della Sera”, 23 Oct. 2017. See WCD a Madrid.

Download PDF “L’Economia del Corriere della Sera”, 23 Oct. 2017

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